Tuesday, September 17

Finally got the email list made.

I hope I got everyone on the list.

Just a couple of notes:

We have started Project Lead The Way (PLTW). The classroom is in the 1st floor (basement). Since our time is scheduled for the last hour of the day Tuesday-Friday, we are packing the kids up and dismissing them from there. This could affect you pick up plans. You can arrange for the kids to meet you at our door. Mondays we have PLTW right before lunch.

The district has sent a letter to parents regarding a climate strike planned to take place Friday, September 20, three days before the UN Climate Summit in NYC.  Some classes are planning to step out on Friday to show unity with this grassroots movement. We are planning to join a couple of classes to walk the neighborhood together. We will start at 12, walking on the sidewalks in the neighborhood  and return by 12:40. We need permission slips for this, so watch for them. In addition, if your child does not want to participate or you do not want your child to participate, just let us know. We are planning an alternate activity for students who do not want to participate.

On a personal note, Today was my last treatment, but the side effects have increased so I have been out this week. The doctors warned me that side effects would not clear up quickly at first, but when they do it will be smooth sailing. That's my plan;)

Thanks for your patience and support!

Thursday, September 5

1st week letter, 19-20

September 4, 2019    

Dear Families,

Welcome to Bette’s class, 19-20! In room 237!

We had an exciting and happy first day back at school! What a great class! We’re going to have a wonderful year! The afternoon transition when Rick arrived went really well. Keep in mind, during my medical leave if you want to stop in you will see me in the mornings and Rick in the afternoons. Be sure to contact me with any questions or concerns. Rick and I work closely together, I can pass afternoon information to him.

My class notes to parents can be found on a blog at http://bette-notestofamilies.blogspot.com/ You can also just google “Bette’s class notes”. I believe you can add your email so that you will know when a new note is added. I’m working on a class email group so I can send notes on email as well. If you prefer paper/”kid” mail, let me know.

I am sending you a copy of the weekly schedule for specials. Please note Monday is swimming! Be sure to assemble a swimming bag with a suit and towel and set a clear expectation that they come home on Mondays to be dried out!

This Thursday, September 5, the all school welcome picnic is 6pm at the upper playground. Bring a picnic dinner and come meet the other families in your children’s classes.  It is pretty informal- “bring your own” and outdoors, weather permitting. Some people like to bring a blanket and picnic dinner.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with other members of the class and the school community.

Thursday, Sept. 12, 6:00-8:30 PM: Curriculum Night. Our class will meet 6-7pm followed by the principal’s introduction to the Specials teachers at 7-7:30.


Welcome Back! August 27, 2019

Bette’s Class
Welcome Back to School!
August 27, 2019

Dear Families,

     I hope you have had a great summer! I am so excited about seeing my returning families and getting to know new families and students; sharing our summer stories!
     During the first weeks we pay special attention to developing a sense of community as we establish our class routines and get to know one another.
     It can be a positive ritual to prepare for the school year gathering supplies and setting up new routines after the summer. I recommend:
ü  A backpack or bag for carrying notes papers and lunches.
ü  A book of interest for reading time.
As far as other supplies go, we have a classroom supply of writing utensils and paper. Pencils, colored pencils, markers and pens are fine to bring, but not required. A labeled pencil box can help a student keep writing utensils in order. With the free movement in class, pencils can travel a lot!
     We provide good quality spiral notebooks as “Learner Logs” for general notes, practice and reflection. In addition, we supply Composition notebooks as “Writer’s Notebooks” for collecting ideas and experimenting with writing prompts. You and your child may choose to pick up a special one to bring in if you wish. Ownership is important for a successful “Writer’s Notebook”.           
     Well-rested children who eat a good breakfast and make it to school on time will be their best at school. First bell is 8:14 and class begins at 8:19. Rest, nourishment and being on time seem simple, but they really support a child in getting through the school day happily and productively!
You can help the kids keep their motors running during class by providing snacks. Our lunchtime can tend to be late, roughly 5 hours since breakfast!! Healthy snacks include fresh cut fruits and vegetables, crackers, cheese, yogurt, pretzels. Once a month per family helps to keep our cupboard stocked. We can use snacks beginning on the first day! It’s best to be nut free until we learn more about possible allergies. Please let me know about any serious allergies or special needs.
     Please help me to know where each child is going after school. It’s helpful if you send the info to me on a card the first day. It’s also a great idea to keep a copy of your child’s after school schedule in his or her backpack.         
     The beginning of the year there will be a different daily routine. I spent the summer dealing with surgery on my neck. My fantasy was to complete the process before school starts. Surgery was successful, but there is follow up continuing for the month of September.  At the suggestion of my doctor I am requesting part time leave. I will be able to get the class started on a good foot while still taking care of myself. I will be teaching in the mornings and I will have a guest teacher for the afternoon. Retired Open teacher Rick Hall has agreed to help out. Rick’s a lot of fun, and he and I will be able to work as a team to make it the best possible experience for your child. I did not write about it in my annual Kids Welcome letter as I don’t want to introduce new anxiety about coming to school. I appreciate your support in promoting a positive attitude about this unique situation.
                                                     Bette Diem
                                                     Room 237

Bette’s Class Notes                                                      August 27, 2019

Hi kids!                                                                                                                    
            I hope you have had a great summer! I am getting ready for a new school year and looking forward to seeing you.
            We’ll start the year with some fun games and good stories as we get to know each other and learn new school day routines.  I hope you are excited about starting a new grade, with new friends and old friends. 
            Bring a book you are reading on the first day of school. Also bring one item to share that represents summer to you. Think of 3 things you can say about your item and how it connects to summer. Well share these over the first week as we get to know one another.
            We will be using Learning Logs and Writer’s Notebooks. I will give them to you when you come to school. If you like, you could bring your own special journal to use.
Do you like mazes? Here are some, just for fun.

Enjoy your last days of vacation and start looking forward to an exciting school year!
                        See you soon!